August 27, 2019

Are you using Selligent Marketing Cloud?

By Jan Teerlinck

"Excellent choice. Great meeting you again!
Very likely that we already worked together in the past. Let’s reconnect."

What’s our story?

Longtale is founded by a team of former core Selligent staff: Arne Vanham, Bram Sué, Dave Martens and myself Jan Teerlinck. We all had a fantastic time at Selligent, working with highly talented people, both colleagues and partner friends, together serving our clients. That’s exactly what we intend to continue doing at Longtale, and a lot more.

A few words about us: I guess that everyone who knows Arne Vanham, will confirm he is an absolute data genius. Arne Vanham was heading the solution services group at Selligent. He loves wrapping his brain around terabytes of data and bringing it in a format that marketers can create value from it in Selligent. Arne is our data lead at Longtale.
Bram Sué is an amazing front-end artist. Not the photoshop kind, that skill sits at our creative agency partners, but a real coding artist. The kind of skill I have always been jealous at. Bram writes code, like the rest of us writes Word documents. He knows all the deep secrets on html5, and the kinetic emails he produces are truly impressive.
Dave Martens is an allrounder, the kind of person you want to have as a day-to-day contact person. He takes care of people. He brings answers quickly because he has deep insight in Selligent Marketing Cloud and service is his DNA. He used to lead the team of technical project managers at Selligent.
Myself, I am passionate about marketing technology and data analytics. I have seen this industry grow and evolve over time. I co-founded the Selligent solution in the early days. I was fortunate to work with fantastic people that shaped Selligent to the leading marketing solution it is today. My addiction is that I have this uncontrollable desire for wanting to learn about all the technological evolutions in marketing.

Enough about us. We would love to hear from you! We are here to help you. We are do-ers. Collectively we have served over 200 Selligent clients in the past. With Selligent, there is nothing you can’t do, but sometimes you need help. So tell us how you are doing since we last met? Let’s catch up.

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